Other Crafts

Design of craft -1

The tribals of Chhattisgarh, combine shells with mirrors & fabric to create interesting objects like the toran, place mats & boxes.The ivory colored fibers of sisal are obtained from swaying seeds of the marshes of Bastar district. These fibers are used to make potholders, mats, hammocks, bags and towels.

Design of craft -2

Bamboo products and baskets are an essential part of tribal life. Bamboo is used for constructing houses, making bows and arrows, handles for agricultural tools besides other utilitarian products.

Design of craft -3

The Bansods of Chhattisgarh make more than 200 different varieties of bamboo articles including a large assortment of baskets. The Kamar tribals of Raipur are adept at making baskets and other items like fish traps, mats and bird traps from bamboo.

Design of craft -3

Apart from these crafts, Dhruva Patta or the Dhruva Sari is a key handloom created by the people of Chhattisgarh.

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