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Survival for the ethnic population is dependent on the unfathomed ways of nature. They seem to instinctively sense the very core of nature, converse with its majestic silence and learn from its ancient wisdom. Nature's exuberance, gaiety and colour with all its subtleties have left an indelible mark on their imagination and creativity. They do not attempt to dominate or outwit the natural forces, but have learnt to live in harmony with them.

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All available natural resources are utilized to their optimum potential. Honed and perfected over the generations almost all objects of daily use surpass their original function and are transformed onto objects of great aesthetic value. As a result, what has evolved is an indigenous technology that is simple in concept but sophisticated in practice.

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No where is this more clearly reflected than in the construction of their houses. The fences erected around the house are constructed with bamboo sticks. Pigsties and hen-coops are similarly constructed.

The houses themselves are made of mud, branches, bamboos and thatch, all materials sourced from their immediate environment, and skillfully utilized.

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